Samsung doubles the speed with next generation memory – DDR5

Twice as fast, with a 13% energy saving – and ready to power supercomputing and AI. Samsung’s new industry first innovation more than doubles the speed of computer memory, while cutting power consumption and contributing to more sustainable computing.

Samsung’s new DDR5 memory product family is a game-changer for front-edge computing, from machine learning and artificial intelligence to analytics, exascale computing and other data-intensive workloads. The DDR5 is a very welcome innovation at a time when the need for computing performance and data storage is increasing exponentially.

Up to 7,200 MB per second

With DDR5, Samsung meets this demand by applying technology that until now could be found only in logic semiconductors in the development of DRAM (dynamic random access memory). In DDR5, Samsung has managed to transfer the so-called High-K Metal Gate (HKMG) process technology known from logic chips, to the densely packed memory chips. This improves the insulation between the tightly packed cells and makes it possible to double the speed of DDR4, to up to 7,200 megabits per second. DDR5 also uses through-silicon via (TSV) technology to stack eight layers of 16GB DRAM chips, which makes it possible to offer DDR5 memories with capacities of up to 512GB. 

Boosting both power and sustainability

The new DDR5 is not only delivering a large performance boost – it’s also a big leap within sustainability, using 13% less energy than the previous generation. For all companies and industries who need high performance data computing, the energy efficiency is important since it helps to reduce the environmental impact.

Samsung DRAM

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