Samsung’s new SAS-SSD – next level of server storage

Samsung Electronics’ launch of the highest performing 24G SAS (SAS-4) SSD ― the PM1653. Based on the latest SAS interface, the new drive can support twice the speed of the previous 12G SAS-3 generation.

The PM1653 has been optimised for high-performance enterprise servers, offering the industry’s highest random read speed of up to 800K IOPS. Its sequential read speed can reach 4,300MB/s, which is the maximum available speed for the 24G SAS interface and twice the speed of the previous-generation PM1643a drive. 

Dual-port system

With its dual-port system, the new SSD will give enterprise server OEMs the flexibility of using one or both ports depending on their system environment. Even if one port experiences a failure during operation, data can be transferred and accessed through the other port with superior enterprise-grade reliability. The PM1653 is capable of supporting 24G and the legacy 12G SAS-3 platform as well.

Innovative technology

PM1653 is the industry’s first 24G SAS storage based on 100+ layer vertical NAND, and will provide maximum speed and capacity to effectively handle AI and big data workloads in enterprise servers. PM1653 is also the industry’s first 24G SAS SSD made with sixth-generation (1xx-layer) V-NAND chips, enabling storage capacities from 800GB to 30.72TB for advanced enterprise server systems. 

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